Sergio Rola Bene-League player of the month

Sergio, congratulations with winning the title of Player of the Month October in the BENE-League. How is your season going until now?
The season is going well not only for me but for my teammates too. It's important to keep up with the good results and to continue this momentum throughout the season.

This is your second season in Antwerp, have you settled in well in Belgium?
As you pointed out, I've been living in Antwerp for two years now so I'm well adapted to the city as well as the country. In this regard, I have to thank the club and my teammates who've helped me a lot right from my first day here. They were very important in my adaptation to the culture and the Belgian way of life.

How do you see your role within the team of KV Sasja?
I'm a player that enjoys to win very much and, because of that, I work hard every day to help the team achieve its objectives. So, I consider myself more like a team player committed to doing my best for the sake of the team.

KV Sasja is currently in fifth position, but is only two points behind number two Initia Hasselt. How do you see Sasja’s chances of reaching the final four? 
The BENE-League has more teams this year which makes the competition even more demanding. So far we can see that all teams are fairly balanced which makes it very difficult to predict the one that is going to bring the trophy home. Our team is very young but we are trying to overcome this fact by training hard and by playing good handball. At this point, I think we can reach the final four of the BENE-League. However, there are still a lot of games to play and the most important thing is to play each game as if it was the final one.

What are your personal goals for this season? 
My main goal for this season is to be in the final four of the BENE-League and in the Belgian Cup Final. The Sasja team have been working very hard and it would be deeply rewarding for all of us to be in the finals of these two competitions.